Company Profile

First ray (tianjin) electric equipment co., LTD is located in tianjin baodi district plastic industrial zone - chaoyang east road 17, covers an area of 301782.9 square meters.Company belongs to the first (Beijing) investment management group co., LTD., and Beijing people's electric group co., LTD., Beijing green auspicious electrical components co., LTD., Beijing first, following the bao technology co., LTD., constitute a complete industrial chain, to provide customers with the early stage of the research and development, automatic punching, CNC cutting, CNC bending, robot welding, electrostatic plastic spraying, silk screen printing, machine assembly and debugging, mold design and manufacturing, injection molding products and a series of complete technology solution.Company is mainly in the service industry and the electric power system, is committed to clean energy and electric reliability, smart grid and clean energy control equipment design, development, production and sales, accord with the goal of low carbon economy development in our country, is combined with low voltage electrical, photovoltaic electrical, nuclear power, photovoltaic, precision sheet metal factory is one of the sheet metal, electrical industry base.